Body Care


Wrinkle removal: Wrinkel on the face, at former ears, down eyelid and neck. Body shaping, arm, thigh, abdomen of the partum, weight loss. 

60 minutes | $150.00 | book now

Relaxation Massage

Full body massage to relieve stress and muscle tension.

60minutes | $60 | book now

deep tissue massage

full body massage

60minutes / $65 / book now

Ion Detoxify Foot Therapy

Ion cleanse foot baths as a way to feel lighter, and to experience a greater feeling of well being. The foot baths use ion cleanse in combination with a healthy, low stress lifestyle, to maintain high energy levels. The detoxification works well, for people experiencing pain, edema, and swollen and deteriorating joint. The baths work best over a 6 session regimen, changing toxic buildup by reversing them through whole body detoxification. Ions travel through the body quickly, attaching themselves to toxic substances.

30 minutes | $35.00 | book now

Weight Loss Treatment

60 minutes | $85.00 | book now

Skin Tag and Wart Removal

60 minutes | book now